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Band Members: Carrie Brownstein, Becca Albee, C.J. Phillips

Mp3s from their April 28, 1995 show




 Excuse Seventeen CD/LP (Chainsaw #9,1994). Track List: Vanishing Act, Two Faced, Cut and Dry, Hope You Feel Bad, Despise, Carson, Code Red, We're the Seniors (and we rule the school), Imaginary Friend, Groundhog's Day, Break and Enter.



 Such Friends Are Dangerous CD/LP (Kill Rock Stars #237, 1995).Track List: 5 Acres, Forever Fired, Watchmaker, I'd Rather Eat Glass, Decatur H S, This is Not Your Wedding Song, The Drop Dead Look, Designated Shotgun, Getoff, Nervousness Never Fades, Special Guest Me, Framed, She Wants 3-D. Click here to read a review of this album, from Puncture #34, Fall 1995.


 Youth on Fire split 7" with Lync. (Candy-Ass #007, 1994?). Songs on this by Excuse Seventeen are: Imaginary Friend, Carson. For lyrics, see the self-titled album.


 Periscope - YoYo Compilation CD. (YoYo #3, 1994). Song on this by Excuse Seventeen is: Sevenwhateverteen - lyrics

 A Slice of Lemon compilation CD/2xLP (KRS/Lookout!, 1995). Song on this by Excuse Seventeen is: I'd Rather Eat Glass (This version is *slightly* different, compared with the version on Such Friends Are Dangerous).


 Yo Yo A Go Go compilation CD/LP (Yoyo, 1996). Song on this by Excuse Seventeen is: Carson (live, 1994).

 Free to Fight compilation LP/CD (Candyass #012, 1994?). Song on this by Excuse Seventeen is: Forever Fired. You can download the mp3s from this CD here. For lyrics, see Such Friends are Dangerous album.


 Excuse Seventeen Demo Tape (Dec. 1993). Side 1: Vanishing Act, Two Faced, Imaginary Friend, Hope You Feel Bad, Carson. Side 2: Code Red, Despise, Cut and Dry, Response, Groundhog's Day. I don't think the song Response is on any other Excuse Seventeen releases - click here to see my guesses at what the lyrics are for this song.


Interviews with the band: One by Alarm Clock and the other by Tiger Beat.
Interview with Leticia El Hali Obeid by Becca Albee:
Leticia El Halli Obeid is a visual artist working and living in Córdoba, Argentina. This interview was conducted via email in English May-2003.
Article on Becca's art: 2005-Oct-07 news about an exhibit.
UNC Alumni: Becca is working as an assistant professor of art in NY.


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